Retail Pharmacy

We are a leading retail drugstore chain with 131 locations and 3 walk-in medical and wellness clinics in the affluent Hangzhou, Zhejiang province of China. Our chain drugstores provide customers with a wide variety of pharmaceutical products, including prescription and over-the-counter (“OTC”) drugs, nutritional supplements, traditional Chinese medicine, personal and family care products, medical devices, as well as convenience products, including snacks, seasonal, and promotional items. Our stores vary in size, but average about 200 square meters. Each store is tailored to the community that it serves, with varying product offerings, access to physicians, and agreeable operating hours. Many of them are located in close proximity of major hospitals and popular residential areas.

Our pharmacies will only accept prescriptions from licensed health care providers, and are meticulous in validating that all of the details on prescriptions are present and correct. Quite a few pharmacies also maintain a traditional Chinese medicine counter staffed by licensed herbalists.

We offer primarily third-party products at our pharmacies, including: 1,270 prescription drugs, 1,400 over-the-counter drugs, 450 nutritional supplements, traditional Chinese medicine , including drinkable herbal remedies and pre-packaged herbal mixtures for making soup, Sundry products (i.e., personal care products such as skin care, hair care and beauty products, convenience products such as soft drinks, packaged snacks, and other consumable, cleaning agents, stationery, and seasonal and promotional items tailored to local consumer demand for convenience and quality), Medical devices (i.e., family planning and birth control products, early pregnancy test products, portable electronic diagnostic apparatus, rehabilitation equipment, and surgical tools such as haemostats, needle forceps and surgical scissors).

E-Pharmacy Platform

China Jo-Jo’s fast growing e-pharmacy platforms consist of the Company''s official branded online pharmacy, and storefronts with online mall marketplaces such as Alibaba and In addition to favourable regulation meant to accelerate growth of our industry, we have entered into agreements with certain health insurance management companies as well as directly with insurers to become the preferred provider of reimbursables. Online sales have been led for some time by our flagship online store, which is ‘located’ within Alibaba’s marketplace infrastructure. Very recently, our own official branded storefront actually surpassed the sales levels found within our Alibaba marketplace, which shows what great demand we have in China currently for online pharmaceutical services.

Additionally sales growth is also coming from the adoption of online sales and web traffic driven to our B2C sites via "private insurance card" memberships. Private insurance cards are a fast growing segment of the Company''s business whereby member incentives for card holders include discounts, promotions and prescription reimbursements from large private insurance carriers in China. Furthermore, China Jo-Jo has become the first Hangzhou based pharmacy to launch stores on Tencent''s WeChat platform, China''s dominant mobile messaging app and social network with over 500 million active users. China Jo-Jo continually seeks novel ways to attract new customers and drive sales volume including the introduction of Online2Offline sales.

We have recently implemented major changes to our e-commerce site - online pharmacy, modifying and optimizing our products offering based on its historical sales data, and other research that we have carried out. On the back of that, we are able to offer competitive prices and provide more technical features and sales support to the ever-growing community of mobile users.

Direct sales campaigns are sent to all of our e-Pharmacy-Card holders, via email, WeChat mobile, and our reward points program. Our overall membership program now has over 2 million members, and about 70% of our in-store sales comes from our members.

On-Site Clinic Services

In addition to prescription fulfilments, we have licensed physicians available at some of our “Jiuzhou Grand Pharmacy” locations available for consultation, examination and treatment. In-store consultations and examinations by our physicians are provided as a convenience and is a free service.

Our Daguan, Wenhua and Xiasha stores have adjoining for profit medical clinics that provide:

  • Urgent Care - such as sprains, minor lacerations, and dizziness
  • Minor outpatient surgical treatment - such as suturing
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and homeopathic treatments - including acupuncture, therapeutic massage, and cupping

China Jo-Jo employs only licensed doctors and certified nurses and technicians. We currently have thirty-seven physicians and twenty-two clinic staff. Full time doctors provide both Chinese and Western medical services. Specialists from area hospitals are invited to assist on an as needed basis and is covered by National Insurance.

We view our medical services as more consumer-driven than other health care specialties, consumers requiring the types of medical services that we provide often seek treatment on their own accord. We have developed our medical services to respond to the public need for convenient access to medical consultations and/or care and the significant savings that we can provide as compared to a more traditional medical setting such as a hospital. Many of our patients often need immediate access to medical services, do not have a regular physician, or may lack suitable alternatives.

Drug Wholesaler

The Company''s wholesale subsidiary not only supplies its retail stores, but also distributes drugs and other healthcare products to other drugstores and drug vendors. Since acquiring Jiuxin Medicine in August 2011, we have been distributing a variety of third-party products to drug distributors throughout China.